Many facilities are often in need of extensive repairs due to degradation of assets and structures over time. In order to combat this issue, Martin partners with businesses to create maintenance plans that allow them to keep up with facility needs and develop long term strategies.

At Martin, we protect what matters: your business, your assets, and your employees. Are you ready to design a maintenance plan for your facility? Click here to contact us today. 

Building Maintenance Services

Interior Services:

  • Resinous Flooring
    • Kitchens
    • Clean Environments
    • Heavily Abused Areas
    • Multi-Purpose Areas
  • Commercial Finishes 
    • Interior Painting
    • Staining
    • Wallcovering
    • Wall Protection
  • Wall Replacement & Repair
  • Interior Signage

Exterior Services:

  • Building Envelope Solutions
    • Exterior Painting
    • Above & Below Grade Waterproofing
    • Waterproofing Wall Treatments
    • Cleaning of Joint Sealants
    • Roof Repair & Restoration

Martin Specialty Coatings currently does maintenance at several local healthcare facilities and schools in the Shreveport area. Martin also partners with SWEPCO to provide their maintenance painting which can be seen below:

Image title