In 2019, we formed our first Safety Committee to support our efforts in creating & maintaining a safe work environment. The goal of the committee was to mold the members into leaders who would set a good example and be a mentor to our employees, and give our members a place to express their safety concerns.

The Safety Committee includes representation from each of our divisions, as well as a mix of supervisors & field employees. At the end of each year, the current Safety Committee nominates & elects’ members for the needed divisions. If elected, employees serve a minimum of two years on the committee. They may remain on the committee for additional years if they choose to do so.

Since 2019, the Safety Committee and their role has only grown. The committee completes weekly job site audits and is responsible to approving or denying all Good Catches & Safety Suggestions submitted. During each meeting, the committee addresses any concerns they may have and offer suggestions on how we can improve participation & overall safety in our company.

We had our first meeting of 2023 last week, and let’s just say this year’s committee came in with a bang. With that being said, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the 2023 Safety Committee.

                                                                             Image title

Pictured from Left to Right: Joseph Martinez, George Hodge, Daniel Cooley, Stanley Scott, Benjamin Gonzalez, Dave Payton, and Kipp Keenan- Our Health, Safety, & Quality Manager and Chairman of the Safety Committee.

Not Pictured: Wes Wilkinson, Richard Morales, and Lori Schiller.