Slack Warehouse #3 - Resinous Flooring Concrete Restoration

General Information

Building Name: Slack Warehouse #3
Building Location: Shreveport, Louisiana
Project Size (ft2): 20,500
Owner: Sealy & Company
Project Type: Resinous Flooring Installation
MSC services utilized: Concrete Surface Preparation, substrate repair, resinous flooring installation
Total Construction Costs [or Value]: $ 105,000.00
Duration: 3 Weeks
Product Manufacturer: Carboline


Martin was engaged by a national real estate management organization to provide a project solution to restore the existing concrete in a large warehouse space prior to a lease acceptance by a new customer. The main challenge was the limited schedule allotment and the need for a budget conscience solution.


Martin engaged an industry partner to develop a budget conscience solution that would provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing application. Martin was able to provide this project solution at price point that met the customers budget and complete the work ahead of schedule.