Weyerhaeuser Arcadia OSB Plant

General Information

Location: Simsboro, Louisiana
Project Size (ft2): 12,500
MSC services utilized: Metal Panel Replacement, Corrosion Mitigation, Fluid Applied Roof Restoration
Total Construction Costs [or Value]: $79,000
Duration: 4 Weeks
Product Manufacturer: Tremco Incorporated


Martin was engaged by Tremco Incorporated to support an issue of extreme moisture intrusion at the Bag House of a OSB Pulp and Paper Mill. One major concern was the debris and wood chip accumulation that had caused extensive corrosion and potential structural instability. This work required removing the debris, working with the corroded panels, and establishing a weatherization solution that could meet a limited budget and schedule.


Martin’s Project Management Team worked with Tremco consultants and established a system that would allow for full corrosion mitigation and weatherization for the roof area. Upon removal of all the debris, in a 100% fall restraint system, the fully corroded panels were replaced. The heavily rusted areas with limited structural failure were cleaned and primed with a surface tolerant epoxy primer. All roof details, projections, and required seams were treated with a fabric inlay installed in a polyurethane elastomer to support movement and weatherization. After all leaks were verified to have been addressed, a rust tolerant asphaltic aluminum restoration coating was installed to the entire roof surface. This resulted in a warrantable fully weatherized roof assembly at a fraction of the cost of a metal replacement.

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