Sabre Doors

General Information

Location: Bossier City, LA

Project Sector:  Manufacturing

Building Type:  Energy Storage

Project Type:  New Construction

MSC Services Utilized:  Pickup/Delivery, Shop Liquid Facility

Duration:  Rolling Stock Items

Product Manufacturer:  Carboline


A local manufacturing facility landed a large contract for their product, part of the design included several oversized doors on each unit.  Due to lead times, production schedules and space constraints the facility was not equipped to complete the finishing of these doors in the required time frame needed to meet contractual deadlines.

The manufacturing facility had a small paint booth and a small number of dedicated employees in their exterior finishing department.  This large contract was in addition to the full schedule of work the company had been sustaining.  Even if additional employees were hired to complete the work for the new contract, the facility itself could not support the space constraints of these large doors; their paint booth could only accommodate about 3 oversized doors, and the ambient temperatures outside of the booth did not support the appropriate temperatures needed for proper curing of the finished product. The result was about 6 completed doors a shift.  As production stalled waiting for the doors to be completed, a bottle neck in their production line stalled multiple departments and liquid damages were at risk of being incurred.


Using the dedicated facility at Martin Specialty Coating’s Lakeshore location we were able to obtain delivery directly from the manufacturer of the oversized doors.  We built specialty door racks to eliminate the need for unnecessary handling of the doors.  The doors were prepped, finishes were applied, and after proper curing of the High Build Caboline 133 Epoxy Coating,  we protected the product for shipping and had it ready for pickup/delivery. Innovated solutions as well as our fully equipped facility allowed us to execute over 30 doors per shift, a 400% increase from their own production rate.  The doors were palatized and delivered to the customer.  In only a few days they had a rolling stock of doors ready and waiting for their production employees.

At Martin Specialty Coatings partnering with Manufacturing Facilities to keep your projects ahead of schedule and within budget is our top priority.  Our facility is fully equipped and we invest in innovative solutions to get the job done.  We specialize in finishing applications, so you don’t have to.   Please contact us today for a tour of our facility or to discuss how we can help your organization mitigate production constraints.