Industrial Piping for Petroleum Producer

General Information

Location: Shreveport, LA

Project Sector:  Petroleum/Hydrocarbon Facility

Duration:  1 Month

Product Manufacturer: Tnemec 


MSC was contracted by a local Petroleum Producer to blast and paint their 30” and 12” spool piping at their industrial facility.  The client had a limited window to complete the task due to a location wide maintenance shut down.  Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans.  The month scheduled for this critical maintenance was impeded by temperature plummeting inclement weather; which halted all exterior applied coatings. 


MSC boasts a 49,000 sqft enclosed establishment; which allowed us to receive the piping inhouse to be blasted and painted in our climate controlled facility.  Our customer was able to keep their maintenance within their scheduled timeframe, and we were able to apply this durable Tnemec coating without missing a beat.

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