IPS VPI Impregnation Vessel - Clean Room Solutions – Industrial Refurbishment of Vessel

General Information

Job: IPS VPI Impregnation Vessel

Project size: 1000 sq. ft Internal

Industrial Site, inside clean room

Project Type: Internal Clean, Blast and Coating

Scope of work: Clean and remove all product sediment inside vessel, abrasive blast to manufacturers specification, Apply a Two Coat Novolac Epoxy pain system

Value: 25K

Duration : 10 days allowed, completed in 6 days

Product Manufacturer: Carboline


We were contacted by a service company that rebuilds large electric motors. They have a large impregnation vat that is used to impregnate an epoxy varnish into electric motor components. They asked Martin to provide a service that included; removing the degraded epoxy varnish out of the oversized vessel, abrasive blasting, and applying a two coat Novolac Epoxy to the internal section of the vat.

Using our network of reliable coatings providers we found a manufacturer who was able to accommodate us with a product that could hold up to the material and usage of the impregnation vat. Carboline Technical Service was a great help in figuring out the best material to line the inside of the vessel with for a long term solution.


We soon figured out the residual varnish left the in the tank would require extensive tooling to remove from the surface. This was achieved with air chisels and electric demo hammers. The refurbishment had to be completed in a Clean Room environment within the facility.  Martin decided to use media impregnated sponge to remove the existing liner from the vessel which would enable us to minimize the dust produced with other medias. The existing liner was too hard for the sponge to remove, Martin had to make a quick decision to change to a different media and construct a sealed dust containment. We were able to construct this dust containment chamber without delays to promised delivery timeline. Two coats of a Novolac Epoxy Liner system were applied to achieve the required specification, easily meeting customers time line, even with the unknown challenger faced during this project.

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