Great Plains Mud Tanks - Clean Room Solutions – Industrial Refurbishment of Vessel

General Information

Job: Great Plains Mud Tanks

Project size: 1000 sq. ft Internal

Shop Liquid Application

Project Type: Light Welding Work, Blast, Paint, Decal Branding  

Scope of work: Light welding repair work, Blast, Industrial Paint Coatings, Decals 


A local oilfield service company acquired a competitor.  There were numerous pieces of equipment that needed to be rebranded.  MSC was contacted to make some light repair work to the tanks as well as rebrand them with colors and decals that reflected the new ownership.


Utilizing our 49,000 sqft climate controlled facility, MSC completed some light welding repair work to ensure the tanks would safely perform in the field.  We then used our steel grit blasting system to remove old corrosion and paint and to prepare the surface to receive the industrial coatings durable enough to stand up to the demands of oilfield wear and tear. 

After proper curing we applied company branded decals to the glossy paint finish to represent the new company ownership.

If you’re looking to procure new equipment that needs to be rebranded, or if your current equipment is aging and needs to be refreshed give us a call today.  We’re set up to quickly turn around fleet equipment so it gets back in the field making you money as quickly as possible.