KCS Maintenance Equipment - Industrial Coatings for Railroad Maintenance Equipment

General Information

Location: Shreveport, LA

Project Size (ft2): 9 Units

Industry Type: Railroad Operator

Project Type: Powder Coating and Industrial Liquid Coatings  

MSC services utilized: Media Blast, Powder Coating, Industrial Coating

Product Manufacturer: Akzo Nobel Powder


A Landmark Railroad operator had been sending their railroad maintenance equipment to Dallas to be blasted and recoated to maintain their operability and brand appearance.  They were using this out-of-town provider due to the size of the equipment and the small oven capacity of local coating applicators, as well as using multiple vendors to achieve powder or liquid coating finishes.  We reached out to see if we could serve them as a one stop shop.


Utilizing our 60’x 20’ Amphiblast Mixed Media Bay, we prepared the substrate to receive Akzo Nobel powder and  __PPG_Brand________ Industrial Liquid coatings in our 49,000 sqft Shreveport Facility.  We were able to cure these oversized pieces of equipment in our 16’x 30’powder oven, providing durable high performance finishes for this rugged field equipment. 

You don’t have to go out of town for Powder or Liquid finishes on oversized equipment.  Let Martin help you protect your brand integrity by keeping your equipment looking fresh.  Reach out to us today for a quote at our one stop shop Shreveport facility.  We can save you time, transportation costs, and quicker turn around so you can get your equipment back to work in no time.