Tyler Junior College


Building Name: Tyler Junior College

Building Location: 1390 S. Baxter Ave, Tyler, TX 75701

Project Size (ft2): 65,000

Building Type: Admin office on college campus

Project Type: Existing Building

MSC services utilized: Interior Painting, Wall Covering 

Total Construction Costs [or Value]: $230,143


The majority of this three-story building was to be renovated during the summer while classes were out, and most students were away from campus. However, the building remained active during the project so that the campus administrative staff could continue to fulfill their duties. The project documents requested that all vinyl be removed as part of the scope for the project. Upon beginning the project, we discovered that the original vinyl installation utilized a clay-based adhesive, which is not strippable and leads to significant damage to the wall when attempting to remove the wall covering.


MSC worked with the owner/GC to revise the scope to skim over walls as opposed to removing the vinyl wall covering while still maintaining the desired finish specified. Due to the project’s time constraints and a large workload for other projects at the time, MSC engaged a subcontractor from the Houston area to improve production and bring the project to a close in a timely fashion all while keeping the customer satisfied.