Willis Knighton Bossier Campus


Building Name: Willis Knighton Bossier Campus 

Building Location: Bossier City, LA 

Building Type: Healthcare Facility 

Project Type: Existing Buildings

MSC services utilized: Exterior Paint, Exterior Caulking, EIFS Repair, Thermal Scanning, Insulation Replacement, Membrane Repair, Fluid Apllied Roofing

Total Construction Costs [or Value]: $1.5 Million


Martin Specialty Coatings was contacted by Willis Knighton Health Systems regarding serious issues with water intrusion inside multiple healthcare facilities.  These issues were caused by damaged EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) exterior facades and faulty roofing systems. The EIFS exterior panels were damaged by hail which allowed moisture intrusion into the wall structure. The joints around the EIFS panels were also sealed improperly thereby allowing intrusion around joints and into the structure. Finally, the aging roofing system allowed moisture penetration into the building shell. These three factors caused overall water damage from the top and side faces in each building facility. Martin Specialty coatings was contacted to provide quality coating systems that would protect against weather and moisture on all fronts of the facilities.


Martin Specialty Coatings provides complete building envelope services to protect buildings on all faces. The building envelope is the system which separates the interior and exterior of a building. By looking at the envelope as the protective shell around a building, Martin Specialty Coatings can identify weak areas in that shell that may be subject to penetration of outside elements. Our team provided the repair of EIFS facades and recommended a high-quality elastomeric coating to weather guard the wall structure of the facilities. We also removed and repaired the joints between EIFS panels to provide a weathertight seal. Finally, our team removed areas of existing faulty roofing system, replaced compromised wet insulation, installed new single ply membrane, and installed a fluid applied application of Tropical Silicone Mastic over the entire roof surface. Martin Specialty Coating's solution resulted in a warrantable fully weatherized wall facade and roofing assembly at a fraction of the cost of conventional replacement.