Lubbock County Courthouse

General Information

Building Name: Lubbock County Courthouse

Building Location: Lubbock, TX

Project Type: Existing Building

MSC services utilized: Waterproofing, Roofing and Metal Work

Total Construction Costs [or Value]: $137,000


Lubbock County Courthouse had a critical moisture intrusion issue in their main switch room. This room provided power to the entire facility which made the problem even more crucial to be repaired. However, the room was located below a brick-paved alley in the basement of the facility. Lubbock’s construction management team had engaged several local waterproofing contractors prior to contacting Martin, but they were unable to repair the issues because of the complexity of the location.


Martin Specialty Coatings designed a system to repair the damage and ensure this moisture intrusion would not happen again. This system included: installation of a new roof membrane that tied in at ground level, installation of sheet metal louver at the equipment room, fully monolithic redundant waterproofing sub-grade, and above-grade fluid applied waterproofing. Since the installation of this system in February 2021, there have been zero leaks.