Liberty Oilfield Services

General Information

Building Name: Liberty Oilfield Services

Building Location: Shreveport, LA

Project Type: Existing Building

Total Construction Costs [or Value]: $10,000


Liberty Oilfield Services had a carpeted conference room within their facility. The carpet had begun to come up, and they made the decided they would like to remove it entirely and coat the concrete beneath it. They reached out and requested that Martin come out to take a look at the floor, upon arrival our team discovered that moisture was rising through the concrete which in return caused the glue to lose its adhesiveness.  


In order to combat Liberty’s moisture intrusion problem, our team applied a moisture mitigating primer to the surface. On top of this primer, a resinous flake system was used and topped with a coating that included an aluminum oxide additive. This made the floor both non-slip and protected it from being scratched by the conference room chairs. To finish it all off, we added a logo at the entrance of the room.

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